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The Admins are a group of highly powerful tulpas that assist in managing and keeping order to the headspace as there are many tulpas in this headspace. They are all rated at Threat Level - Kronos. Admins are normally neutral but tend to favor positive energy. If any tulpa starts getting out of pocket and the Revengers cant handle it, they usually step up to deal with the threat. They have unique abilities that most other beings at Rank Kronos do not possess and often are in charge of controlling a realm or sectors of tulpas. Admins are able to summon random things and can control the laws of physics to their will. Only the most highly overpowered of beings can override them.


  • Vindicator
  • Tom
  • Absolution
  • Chance
  • Darkstar
  • Klu
  • Encabulator

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