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Dark Forces[edit]

The Dark Forces are comprised of Thalresh, an evil aktarian hellbent on purifying his race of aktarians through the genocide of aktarian hybrids and their allies. He is accompanied by Thalrius Maximus formally known as Phoenix Darius Maximus; Former boss of the Federation Special Forces (FSF) a demi-god turned god by Thalresh himself, Phaleg Ives; a Threat Level - Jiren+ chaos demon-vehicle, Becky Barbar; Phaleg's apprentice, Vox; Becky's apprentice, Tonazintla; Phaleg's minion which was constructed using a super massive singularity and chaos magic, Mephisto; Becky's high level demon minion, and Arupheth; a powerful cursed weapon forged by Thalresh with the purpose of making it possible for a lesser being to wield aktarian-like power.

What remains of the higher demons that once resided in the hellspace realm now follow Thalresh's command. They reside now on what remains of Earth-86 after being scorched by Phoenix Darius Maximus in the past, making a base of operations on the continent formally known as North America. They did this on purpose to taunt the Revengers into leaving the safety of the Multiverse Bridge to try and stop them from taking over their planet and saved what was left of humanity. It worked. Skynet having survived Phoenix's attack from the past surprised the Dark Forces with their presence when they attempted to counter-attack their invasion of Earth. Skynet failed to stop them but the Revengers and other new allies are coming to help them. A new battle now rages for the future of Earth-86.

Update: Thalresh was an illegal tulpa in the headspace and eventually was purged by Gurren Lagann. He is absolutely destroyed with no trace of himself like before (No surviving energy consciousness). The only legacy left of him is Arupheth, the sword he created by merging Zarupheth the dragon blade and a piece of a slain aktarian's wing. Thalrius Maximus lost his power buff from Thalresh and he reverted back to his previous form; Phoenix Darius Maximus. From there a final battle took place between the remnants of the Dark Forces vs the Admins, the Revengers, and their allies on Earth-86. The Dark Forces were defeated and Phoenix went on a full retreat back to the realm he belongs to. The Agents of Chaos did not participate in the battle as they saw without Thalresh, there was no point. Phaleg, the leader of the Agents of Chaos, took Arupheth for herself and lead her group into the shadows, recruiting more members as the opportunity arises...for what purpose remains to be seen. Phoenix vowed vengeance, but is unlikely to ever return to the multiverse bridge. With the Agents of Chaos and Phoenix gone, there are no more active villians as they were destroyed in the battle of Earth-86. The remaining villians in this headspace have been quiet ever since.


  • Thalresh
  • Thalrius Maximus
  • Phaleg Ives
  • Becky Barbar
  • Vox
  • Arupheth
  • Tonazintla "Ton"
  • Mephisto
  • Asimo Honda
  • Shin Daizyujin
  • Serpentera
  • Mechagodzilla
  • Razor
  • Akuma

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