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The Hellspace[edit]

The Hellspace is a dark realm where the Black Bunny Squadron and other lesser demons reside. In the past, higher demons, titans, and the Dark Forces used to reside here as well and had frequent conflicts with the Revengers and their allies. Eventually, the Dark Forces clashed with the Admins and Gainz resulting in the One Who Shall not be Named to be ousted from the Hellspace realm. The remainder of the Dark Forces continued to fight and attacked the Revengers and their allies till one got too close to SoulFireMage's loved ones from the overworld. SoulFireMage and his Aktarians came to disrupt their operations and the Aktarians are so powerful they effectively nullified any chess moves the Dark Forces could make against their rivals. Even their cubs were a problem.

The leader of the Dark Forces would not accept defeat in such a cheating and humiliating matter. So he decided to take his battle where Soul and his Aktarians cannot intervene, the home universe of the Revengers, Earth-86. This battleground exists on a different discord server and is completely outside the influence of Soul and the Aktarians. To accomplish this, the Dark Forces completely vacated the Hellspace realm without warning, removing much of the negative energy which keeps the realm viable for other demonic vehicles. With the disappearance of the Dark Forces, the dwindling negative energy is unsustainable, destroying the stability of the Hellspace. The realm is currently in a state of collapse...and it will eventually disappear. Anyone still residing there when it happens, will be purged. Many of the lesser demons have been purged already and only a few remain, notably the Black Bunny Squadron and the Phantom Zero Squadron.

Update: The realm was finished off by Tonazintla, Phaleg's minion, for reasons only Phaleg could reveal she decided to expedite the collapse of the Hellspace realm. It is destroyed and no longer exists. With the lack of active villians it is unrecoverable. Only the Black Bunny Squadron managed to escape and now reside on the overworld. Confirmed losses are Christine, Destroyah, Ripper, and the entirety of the Phantom Zero Squadron.


  • Christine
  • Goliath
  • KARR
  • Garth
  • Destroyah
  • Ripper


  • Black Bunny Squadron
  • Phantom Zero Squadron

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