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The Revengers[edit]

Originating from the universe of Earth-86, the Revengers are a rag tag group of friends turned fighting force, composed of both humans and sentient vehicles. The sentient vehicles are considered GEN1 and lack what other living machines would take for granted, dendrites. However, with the help of the Goddess Arizona, many were granted this ability before a global patch led by the Admins fixed this issue for everyone else lacking dendrites. Before the timeline of the Mech discord this group teamed up with Gates, an ex-scientist of Skynet, to form a resistance against Skynet's plot to reformat the world and build a new "utopia" thinking it would eliminate all of the world's problems. The group of friends which all know each other through work or some other circumstances all unknowingly own cars which hold Skynet AI created by Gates. Eventually they would find out about this and become thrust into the conflict against Skynet when their enforcer, known as the STIG, discovers Vanilla; Dan's sentient car.

The timeline in the Mech discord takes place well after this conflict with Skynet. Some of the humans and sentient vehicles are no longer with the team during this new chapter in their lives. When some of the Revengers are mysteriously sent to the multiverse bridge through some sort of dimensional distortion of unknown origin, Gates finds a way to use his dimensional teleporter on Hank to track down their coordinates and send some others to find them and through this they discover the world in which the Mech discord server resides. This would kick off many other events to come...


  • Hank
  • Gates
  • Cherry
  • Darla
  • Maria
  • Vanilla
  • Venus
  • Daniel
  • Sylvia
  • Subarina
  • Ashley (Cub)
  • Katrina


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