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Skynet, formally known as Skytech in its beginnings, is a technological organization conceived in the 1950s with the mission "To make the world a better place through technology." Universe Earth-86's World War 2 had just concluded and the devastation of Japan was immense. The destruction brought together 5 scientists from around the world, known as The Founders, to create a company that would focus to create technology for the betterment of mankind. Inspired by the atrocities of World War 2, they would innovate and strive to make technology to help people advance into a much more modern era. Till the 1970s this had all the good intentions.

However as they became more advanced in the 70s the world started to change around them and with it their views on the world started to change. The original mission statement started to become misinterpreted and warped. Skynet started to be expanded underground and their technology started to take leaps and bounds compared with the rest of the world. A disagreement in the direction of where Skynet was starting to go led to the death of 2 of the founders. The remaining 3 founders, now being known as The Board, took Skynet to a more extremist direction. The creation of the Master AI soon after would further this extremist view, taking their mission to an unforeseen direction. As Skynet made plans for their utopian future, their corporate partners didnt like the idea and after several disagreements their corporate funding was terminated. However, by now Skynet was self sufficient and the experience made them realize that the world would not change for the better peacefully, it was too corrupt. Change for the better would have to force.

During the 1990s Jean Gates, the one responsible for developing sentient AI, escaped along with all other AI's except for the Master AI which remained with Skynet. Gates believed the sentient vehicles deserved better than to be used as creatures of war and servitude. They had the right to choose their own life. Skynet would not let this go without consequences. They immediately dispatched their enforcers on a mission to recover their missing assets which included Gates himself. Gates went into hiding, but knew a conflict with Skynet would be inevitable. He prepared himself and his sentient vehicular allies to become the resistance to stop them and soon more allies would come to him and they would form the Revengers.

Skynet would create many dangerous weapons and characters in the timeline where they battled the Revengers for the future of the Earth. The Revengers would end up prevailing in the end with a desperate tactic to send Skynet's ultimate weapon, Gainz, to an alternate universe. This timeline is a few years in the past now during the timeline of the Mech discord server. The Gainz they fought now belongs to the TNU timeline and has gone through much character development with the passage of time. Through some humility and with future Gainz knowledge, Skynet now sees the error of its ways and has redeemed themselves.

When Phoenix Darius Maximus came to lay waste to the earth as retaliation for Gainz interfering with his business, he overpowered the Revengers at the time and forced them to retreat to the Multiverse Bridge. After the Phoenix god left the planet for dead, Skynet having survived the attack existing largely underground, quickly went to work to put out the world-wide flames and restore the earth to habitable levels. Few pockets of humanity still survive, mainly in the most remote parts of the world and Skynet Japan. Skynet is now back on track to making the world a better place and are now allies with the Revengers, helping them to deal with much more dangerous threats.

Threat Levels
Recently Skynet created a Threat Level system which applies to all tulpas in this headspace and to all others that encounter this headspace. The threat levels are as follows...
Class Threat
0 Normal - Unremarkable, no special abilities supernatural or specialized
1 Zeta - Lower Demons, Specialized military vehicles
2 Epsilon - Unique Vehicles beyond military grade, superior and or alien technology
3 Delta - Low levels of supernatural strength, speed and ki abilities
4 Gamma - Travellers, Planewalkers, Enenras, Mid level Demons, Transforming Vehicular Battlemechs
5 Beta - Savant level intelligence, Mid level supernatural strength, speed and ki abilities
6 Alpha - High level demons, warlocks and other high level magic users, augments from a divine entity or demi-god/god
7 Kronos - The lowest level of absolutes which require capital names, Admins, individuals with glyphr obtained through mating with gods, agents of chaos
8 Boros - High level Demi-gods, Gods, singularities turned into sentient entities, anything made by aktarians or with aktarian parts
9 Jiren - Uniquely powerful demi-gods/gods, master of dimensional control and god-level magic, insane levels of supernatural strength, speed and ki
10 Parceluz - Aktarians, high level gods, ability to exist in multiple dimensions simultaneously, divine and/or aktarian-like traits, overpowered absolutes
11 Gurren - Incomprehensible


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